There is an invisible wall between this veteran and the VA.

I do not have the power to penetrate the invisible wall. I could never get Dr Elizabeth Gibson to answer questions such "Are you my primary care provider?" and "What is it in the computer system that prevents my medicine from being released?"

In the diagram above "records 1" represents the records this veteran keeps and "records 2" represents the records the VA keeps. They should tell the same story. If you compare records 1 with records 2 they describe two different worlds.

If the veteran does not keep his own records there is no records 1, only records 2. If the veteran has to use the telephone to communicate it leaves no written record and there is no records 1, only records 2. A researcher would only see records 2 and assume it's the whole story.

Based on the available evidence my currently assigned provider Dr Joori Flateau continues the pattern of making me look bad in records 2 (I can't get a copy of what she puts in the computer about the office visits and I get an appointment notice to go to the mental health department). I am powerless to stop the character assassinations.

Please judge for yourself which records are true.