Use Mother 1985

The CPA Joanne L. Barnes and the lawyer Edward J. White make money disappear. Their signature cover is to divide and disempower the family they victimize. It appears to be the perfect cover.

I found this memo in our Mother's papers after she died in 1991. It shows her May 1985 instructions to the CPA and the CPA's counter instructions to our Mother. The lawyer's instructions turn out to be the same as the CPA's instructions. These instructions were kept secret from me. They put our Mother and I through hell over the next 14 months.

She was led to believe that I was the problem and I was led to believe that she was the problem. It destroyed our relationship and the CPA and attorney took control of our family's assets by supplanting me as fiduciary. I did not know it was the CPA and lawyer who were driving this covert draft-deed-howmuch agenda instead of her, until I found this memo after her death. Secrecy between family members is fatal to the family and essential to the CPA and lawyer.

This memo shows Jean O'Connell's May 1985 instructions to the CPA and the CPA's covert and counter instructions to Jean O'Connell:

(Jean O'Connell instructions to CPA)
"So Kaiser - Hilton
My son Tony called.
He said he wanted very much to be the full trustee with an
agent to receive notices and processes from the
court and commissioner as in the May 8th letter.
First thing is to have the final accounting  (Withheld for about 14 months)
based on the same figures
as in the first accounting.
Send it to me - Do I have to sign it."

(CPA covert instructions to Jean O'Connell)
"Call - Will do draft of final accting.-      (wedge 1 draft      April 10, 1986 - April 25, 1986)
deed to property - convey to court.         (wedge 2 "deed"   October 23, 1985 - June 26, 1986)
needs how much"                                     (wedge 3 much     August 16, 1985 - January 27, 1986)