Arizona Department of Veteran's Services

I applied for a VA "economic pension" at the Arizona Department of Veteran's Services (AZDVS) in Prescott, Arizona, on January 17, 2012. This pension is for veterans who live below the poverty line. It brings their income up to the poverty line.

Why was my first experience with the AZDVS. Strange things happened. Was something put in my records that would signal those who read it to discredit me and deny or delay benefits? This is not the first time this has happened. There has to be something. What, in God's name, is it?

One significant issue was the creation of a concealed document referred to as if I had created it or that it represented my intent. I am not allowed to see this document. I cannot get a copy. My best guess is that Brian ONeal created it as my application for the pension and that is why he brought up the subject of Power of Attorney. I gave power of Attorney to AZDVS, and it was used, I believe, to betray me. I believe this was an exercise in distrust.

Jeffrey McAdams of the Phoenix VA sent me a letter dated May 10, 2012, that basically buried my application in ambiquiity and confuson and referenced the concealed document ("We have received your typed statement on February 7, 2012, stating that you wish to withdraw your claim for *Skin cancer.")

Why wait until May 10, 2012, to mention for the first time a document received on or about February 7, 2012? Was it timed to hit me at the same time as the surprise $27,669.42 lien dated May 11, 2012, against my farm in Virginia?