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What is the connection between the VA in Arizona, and the
Fairfax County Court and the Highland County Court, in Virginia?


What is the connection beween the VA in Arizona and the Fairfax County Court in Virginia? Connect the May 10 dot with the May 11 dot.

How did it happen that (1) the Phoeniz VA in Arizona sent me a letter dated May 10, 2012, that buried my VA poverty pension application in abiguity and confusion, and (2) the Fairfax County Court in Virginia sent me, through their law firm, a lien notice dated May 11, 2012, for $27,699.42?

Why did the Phoenix VA wait until May 10, 2012, to mention for the first time, a document they apparently received on February 7, 2012? Why is this February 7 document made to appear as if I created it or that it represents my intent? Why can't I see it, why can't I get a copy of it?

Both are surprises at the same time. Both are against the law. Both frame me. Both disempower me. Both occurred approximately five and a half weeks after I tried to expose the accounting trails at bk467p191. Both are invisible to the establishment. Both have concealed documents. Both have document trails that are so insulated that they, barring a miracle, will never be exposed. 

Connect the May 10 dot and the May 11 dot.

Takeover Farm
Takeover Accotink

On March 30, 2012, after nineteen (19) years of going through traditional channels with no success, I try to expose the accounting for our Mother's Estate at bk467p191 by posting .
About five (5) weeks later my farm in Highland County, Virginia, is taken over. ,
About eight (8) weeks later the process of taking over my trust property begins. ,

1992.10.16   Date of Deed for Accotink with me as Trustee, recorded on October 23, 1992, at bk8307p1446
1992.10.16   Date of POA with me as Trustee, recorded on November 12, 1993, at bk8845p1444 .
1992.10.16   Date of Agreement with me as Trustee, recorded on November 12, 1993, at bk8845p1449.  
1993.03.20   Commissioner of Accounts Wilson officially approves the accounting at bk467page191..   
2000.07.24   I write to the judges to try to expose the accounting at bk467p191.   
2012.01.17   Veteran (Anthony OConnell) applies for VA poverty pension through AZDVS in Arizona
2012.02.07   Phoenix VA receives "February 7" document from AZDVS.
2012.03.30   I post to try to expose the accounting at bk467p191.
2012.05.10   Phoenix VA letter tells me that my poverty pension application basically disappeared.
2012.05.11   Fairfaix County Court has a lien for $27,669 sent to me that takes control of my farm.   
2012.05.25   Revocation of Power of Attorney as Trustee.  
2012.07.26   Pretend placement of lien in the Blue Grass Bank is switched to a pretend placement in the
2012.08.30   B&K prepares a Complaint to remove me as Trustee and has our sister sign it.
2012.09.28   Injunction.
2012.10.05   Order (". . Trust shall not expire . . .") 
2012.10.22   Notice to appear in Virginia Court.   
2012.12.04   Order to appear in Virginia Court.