My memory of this period, just after my open heart surgery on August 11, 2003, while I was on pain killers, is vague. I got the following dates from my patient advocate's letter:

August 11, 2003- I had open heart surgery at the Tucson VA Hospital (Three bypasses and an arificial aortic valve)
August 16, 2003- discharged from the Tucson VA Hospital
August 18, 2003- follow up care sought at the VA clinic in Cottonwood, AZ (Near my home in Sedona)
August 19, 2003- office visit at the VA clinic in Cottonwood, AZ

August 19, 2003
Cottonwood, Arizona, VA

I remember extreme trauma at the VA clinic In Cottonwood, Arizona. It appeared preplanned, from seeing my primary care provider (Tom Bast) adjust the opening of the door that he would later slam, to telling me that he was disappointed that the electrical wire that ran from outside my chest into my heart had been removed because he wanted to connect a current to it. I was fortunate that my patient advocate, Anngwyn St. Just, diverted his attention. She was not intimidated by him, and a real shouting match ensused as he was trying to get her out the door and she wasn't leaving.

If you read the available documents, does it look is if my primary care provider, Tom Bast, framed my patient advocate and me, to cover himself? He apparently filed a complaint with The Arizona Department of Economic Security against my patient advocate for "endangering my life":

After some investigation the Arizona Department of Economic Security apparently forwarded Tom Bast's complaint against Anngwyn St. Just to the Arizona State Board of Nursing and the Arizona State Board of Nursing sent Tom Bast a "Letter of Concern").

My patient advocate sold her house and moved to Germany.

"I hope that you can understant that the toxity generated by the Cottonwood VA and the subsequent investgation of me by the Arizona Department of Economic Security for "endangering your life" was somewhere way beyond, just too much."
(From Anngwyn St. Just letter to me of May 13, 2004)

Please judge for yourself which records are true.

October 3, 2003
Prescott, Arizona VA..

My primary care provided location was changed from Cottonwood, Arizona, to Prescott, Arizona, but I did not know that until I went to a January 5, 2004, appointment at the Prescott VA and a volunteer at the front desk told me. My appointment that day consisted of sitting in a room with someone who would not answer my qustion "Are you my primary care provider?"


"Note dated: 10/03/2003  16:22  Cottonwood CBOC telephone contact
Visit: 10/03/2003  16:16  Cottonwood telephone
Ltrs from pnt and notification alerts that pnt is to be assigned to M. D. at Press VA Hosp. dictate the need for this consult request. To facilitate prompt continuous care an Oncology consult is requested to Tucson Va today for eval of two melanoma (by pnt History). Fee basis is not authorized IAW with Dr Melvin, Chief of P & SC and Dr Jackson has advised pnt where he should seek care for this dianosis.
Signed by:/es/Thomas A. Bast APN 10/03/2003 16:38
Receipt acknowledged by: /es/ Gary R. Melvin 10/06/2003  07:35?

July 4, 2004
Veteran's question

2004.07.14 Anthony O'Connell to Thomas Bast
"I hope you are well and I thank the VA for saving my life .
Would you please tell me why my primary care location was changed from Cottonwood (enclosure: "You have been assigned to the Cottonwwod Team") to Prescott (enclosures; appointments for January 5, 2004)? I had no idea that the January 5, 2004, appointments changed my primary care location from Cottonwood to Prescott until after I arrived at Prescott on January 5 and was told by a volunteer at the reception desk. Would you please tell me who did this and why?
Would you please give me your email address?
Thank you"

Hand written on Veteran's July 14, 2004, letter to Thomas Bast
"19 July 04
1700 hrs
On 3 Oct 03 your case was
discussed with supervising physician. Your
care is best managed by a doctor.
Since there is no M.D. here at Cottonwood
clinic your transfer dates back to
3 oct 03.
T Bast, FNP (seal)
Thomas A. Bast 
Family Nurse Practitioner"