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In 2016 Dr. Jessica Grimes asks me to sign a document saying it is OK for the VA to call my daughter. History suggests this is to override my daughters 2013 letters telling the VA to not telephone her but to comunicate with her and me in writing. A phone does not leave a paper trail. See what was done in 2013 with phone calls to my daughter. I did not sign.


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Good morning, Mr. O'Connell.
I hope you are doing well. I am writing to follow up on the conversation we had on 7/19/16,
before and after your dermatology appointment. We spoke about how we would communicate
to monitor your warfarin (INR); mainly, how we would get a hold of you in case your warfarin
dose needed to be changed. We discussed the possibility of you providing your daughter's
phone number,
which would be used if your INR came back out of range (and your warfarin
dose needed to be changed). If we have your daughter's phone number and can get
information to you (same day) through her, then we can send a letter in the mail about your INR
results whenever your results are good (and your warfarin doesn't need to be changed). It
seemed that you might prefer this over waiting at the hospital until your INR results are back
each time they are drawn.
You were going to take our anticoagulation treatment agreement home and think about this.
Have you had a chance to think it over? If we are going to go this route, we will need you to
sign the agreement in the places I marked, to show that you are giving us permission to speak to your daughter about your warfarin. If this is not what you want to do, please let me know so
we can come up with a different plan. If there's any information I can provide or questions I can
answer to help you decide, please let me know.
Thank you and have a wonderful day,
Jessica Grimes
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Subject: General General Inquiry
Mr. O?Connell,
I was informed that you have concerns about why one of our central anticoagulation clinic
pharmacists has not contacted you about your warfarin yet. I am writing to let you know that
they have not contacted you yet, because your case has not been assigned to them yet.
The communication plan you decide on will determine which pharmacist monitors your warfarin.
If you decide that you will provide your daughter?s phone number to us (so that we can call if
needed, and send letters if not needed), then the central anticoagulation clinic will be in charge
of your warfarin. If you decide to have your blood drawn and then wait at the hospital until the
results are in, it will be a different pharmacist that monitors your warfarin.
lfyou have other questions, I would be happy to answer them.
Thank you and have a wonderful day,
.Jessica Grimes
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