Are the accountants and their collaborators so protected
in the US that only another country could expose them?

1992- I wrote the Virginia Bar. You can project how this came out based on the Bar's process. -

"The Respondent did not file a written answer to your complaint. However, Mr. White is represented by counsel in this matter, David R. Rosenfeld, Esquire, and I met with Mr. Rosenfeld and his associate in Alexandria to go over all of the factual matters related to this complaint." (February 10, 1993)

1997 - I wrote a 500 page book and mailed out about 500 copies to establishments across the Country -

I believe there was only one reply and that stopped. Each book that was returned cost me $7 because I had mailed it at book rate.

1999 - I wrote the Commisioner of Accounts in the form of my 12th trust account on August 9, 1999 -

The Commisioner of Accounts made a fraudulent version of my 12th account and sent it to the Judges to justify closing my trust account.

2000 - I wrote all the Judges on July 24, 2000 -

My letter was called inappropriate communication.

2012 - I posted a webite on March 31, 2012 -

I was removed as Trustee. The trust property and my farm were taken over by the Court. The accounting remains unexposed.