Two records
(The content in "Two records" has nothing to do with "Use daughter 2013" I just wanted to reinforce the two records concept.)

In the diagram above "records 1" represents the records this veteran keeps and "records 2" represents the records the VA keeps. They should tell the same story. If you compare records 1 with records 2 they describe two different worlds.

If the veteran does not keep his own records there is no records 1, only records 2. If the veteran has to use the telephone to communicate it leaves no written record and there is no records 1, only records 2. A researcher would only see records 2 and assume it's the whole story.

When I read records 1, I wonder why basic questions that require answers go unanswerred, such as "Are you my primary care provider?" and "What is it in the computer system that prevents my medicine from being released?

When I read records 2, my immediate reaction is, even after all these years, that the veteran they are talking about must be a really bad person. All those negative things from so many sources. I'm a "case" that requires "notification alerts". It's so overwhelming it feels unnecessary to verify.

You have to recognize cover when you see it. It takes lots of practice. The only way to cut through cover is to visualize the common sense trails that should be there, find a point on the trail, and follow the trail. If the trail can't be followed something is wrong.

I have underestimated the effectiveness of my reputation being attacked. It is frighteningly effective in stopping others from paying attention to what I am saying. It ruins inocent lives.

Please judge for yourself which records are true.

Note: The content in "Two records" has nothing to do with the content in "Use daughter 2013".