There should be a reason for treating a veteran like this during an office visit at the Cottonwood, VA, on August 19, 2003. What is it? Was it in retaliation for filing a complaint and the person was fired?

My memory of this period, just after my open heart surgery on August 11, 2003, while I was on pain killers, is vague. I got the following dates from my patient advocate's letter:

August 11, 2003- I had open heart surgery at the Tucson VA Hospital (Three bypasses and an arificial aortic valve)
August 16, 2003- discharged from the Tucson VA Hospital
August 18, 2003- follow up care sought at the VA clinic in Cottonwood, AZ (Near my home in Sedona)
August 19, 2003- office visit at the VA clinic in Cottonwood, AZ