Divide and Disempower

The VA tries to use my daughter against me.

The Tucson VA had been withholding my medicine. I wrote Congressman Ron Barber for help. Rather than look at the medicine trails, or correct the situation, or contact me, the VA Director had his staff telephone my daughter 900 miles away and tell her that I have so much medicine they are concerned that I might bleed to death.

What did the VA tell her? The telephone does not leave a paper trail so it's the word of the VA against the word of the person they called. My daughter, Kate Simmons, asked the VA twice to put their communications to her in writing. The VA refused

This fits a pattern. Use secrecy and the trust of an innocent family member to unwittingly divide and disempower the family. This pattern against me was used on my sister in 1992. This pattern against me was used on my Mother in 1985,

If the reader thinks like I used to think "Oh no, they wouldn't do that much less get away with it.", they will do it and they will get away with it.