The Tucson VA had been withholding my medicine. I wrote Senator John McCain and Congressman Ron Barber for help. Both wrote the Tucson VA Director on my behalf.

The Director basically told Senator McCain that what I said was not true. And that was that.

The Director created an elaborate cover for Congressman Ron Barber. Out of the blue, I receive medicine with false labels from two VA's. The labels say "Fill 4 of 4" (Or 5 of 5 in one case). But I did not receive a fill 1 of 4, or a fill 2 of 4, or a fill 3 of 4. The false labels make it appear that four fills were sent when only one fill was sent. He has his staff telephone my daughter 900 miles away and they tell her I have so much medicine they are concerned that I might bleed to death.

The VA can disable or kill me at any time. All they have to do is stop my medicine and pretend they don't know what the problem is. The only was to get to the truth is to expose the medicine trails. I don't believe anyone can make the VA expose the medicine trails.

Rather than correct the situation, or look at the medicine trails, or contact me, the VA Director had his staff telephone my daughter 900 miles away and tell her that I have so much medicine they are concerned that I might bleed to death.

What else did the VA tell her? The telephone does not leave a paper trail so it's the word of the VA against the word of the person they called. The VA will prevail. My daughter, Kate Simmons, asked the VA twice, in writing, to put their communications to her in writing. The VA refused

I have experienced the use-one-family-member-unwittingly-against-another pattern before. This pattern was used on our sister in 1992. This pattern was used on our Mother in 1985. The only tool they need is your trust (To see the connection between the VA in Arizona and the Fairfax County Court and the Highland County Court, in Virginia, see .).

If the reader thinks, like I used to think - "Oh no, they wouldn't do that, much less get away with it."; they will do this, and they will get away with it.

Comment: On June 13, 2012, The Director tells Congressman Barber that I don't have a telephone (I took out my telephone to try to get the VA to leave a paper trail.). On July 12. 2012, wich is after June 13, 2012, the Director tells Senator McCain that I can call these telephone numbers.              (Best reference)                 (How big and protected are they?)